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Otis S:  Health and Social Care alumnus talks about life after college

After completing his BTEC Health & Social Care Level 2 Extended Certificate, Otis is now doing a supported internship, Otis spoke to our Alumni Team about life after college, the things he’s learned along the way and his ambitions for the future.  

“Being at the college has helped me in various ways. Before, I was an anxious person with no knowledge of communication or the concept of it,” said Otis. “But, now I have a better understanding and I do interact with others significantly better.

Another factor, it has made me feel connected within myself. Knowing my likes, dislikes, who I am as a person. It has made me realise that there is so much out there and it is worth seizing. 

“My fondest memories of college are of my classmates and the staff. They really made me feel at ease, safe and secure. They were easy to talk to, as well as being encouraging, motivating, helpful and supportive.

“There is never a dull moment when you are there. There is something for everyone and anyone. 



Life after college 


Since completing college, I have moved on to do a supported internship in my field of study. I am learning something new. It is quite rewarding and you gain so much from being there,” said Otis. 

I am hoping in the near future to find a job. Not only that, but to ensure that I take the time to think things through and consider all other important elements. 

I have a few things in mind, I would like to do such as writing, work in a library, a field in Health & Social Care or News and Media.” 

“In five years’ time I am hoping to see myself in a happy but comfortable setting in relation to having a job, shelter, managing payments or bills. Overall, I would like to be happy with life and enjoy every day as time comes, because there are only so many opportunities.

They do not come by often. It is worth going the extra distance at times to find what you are looking for or towards a long-term prospect. Sometimes, you do not realise what’s there in front of you until you have that ‘light bulb’ moment. 

It can be at times challenging to know what you want. Ultimately, you have to find your own missing piece to the puzzle. At the same time, finding a rhythm or connection of some sort, it doesn’t have to be perfect. But, if it is real or true it is worth going forward. 

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