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Lewisham Southwark College: a History

External view Apr 15 (2)Lewisham Southwark College is a further education college, with three campuses across south east London. The College focusses on vocational qualifications – supporting students through work skills courses, making them ready for employment

Our College was formed in August 2012, as a result of a merger between Southwark College and Lewisham College. The new educational establishment went through a stage of being called LeSoCo, before its full name was introduced in late 2014. We’re now known as Lewisham Southwark College.

Principal and CEO, Carole Kitching, joined the College in June 2015 and is focussing efforts to enable students to be work ready, (for those who wish to be) ready for higher education, and are able to illustrate their strengths through the courses they choose.

We’re excited for the future and we’re already building strong links within the local community. We continue to expand on excellent employer engagement – in creating and delivering programmes, as well as offering work experience and apprenticeships.

Lewisham Southwark College now welcomes approximately 13,600 teenage and adult learners and delivers vocational courses on subjects such as catering, construction, dance, drama, hospitality and much more.

Our aim is to equip students with work skills for further study or employment.

One thought on “Lewisham Southwark College: a History”

  1. Karla says:

    Drama, technical theatre and dance departments have some of the highest progression into higher education not only in the college but in any college. This is due to our many progression agreements and professional connections. Well done to current second years who have already bagged a clutch of H.E. Offers this term!

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