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Why lifelong learning is essential for the economy – and for you

Lifelong learning benefits employees, benefits and governments, argues the World Economic Forum. Voluntarily pursuing new knowledge and skills throughout your life can not only bring about good health, wealth, quality of life and future prospects for yourself and your family, but it can have a hugely positive knock-on effects for companies who invest in the [Read more…]

Advances in automation technology are changing the workplace

Technology is advancing exponentially and this is causing dramatic changes in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. Here we take a look at some of the main developments, and how they could affect your job now or in the not too distant future. Automation includes the use of robotics in industries like manufacturing, [Read more…]

The pros and cons of being a freelancer

Could you use your skills to enter the world of self-employment? Whether you can write, build, design, teach, or you’re an accountant, marketer, project manager, web developer, or one of many more freelance professions, being a freelancer means you can work on your own terms. Freelancing can allow the flexibility to work when you want, [Read more…]

What tasks can you give to a work experience candidate?

Work experience gives students the opportunity to experience what working life is all about, usually in an industry or occupation that they are considering joining in the future. It typically lasts from a few days to a few weeks, and although voluntary and unpaid, it has a lot of value for the young people taking [Read more…]