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Thank you for your interest in getting involved at the College! With your help we can provide a better learning environment for our former students, strengthen our alumni network and create a richer community around the College for past, present and future students.

No matter how big or small a way you wish to get involved, any participation from former students is invaluable. Our alumni association is all about building lasting connections, enriching education and giving something back to our former students. With opportunities to help your career, recruit employees and enjoy a range of great discounts as well, we’ll do all we can to help you.

Find out more about the opportunities available for you to get involved in, click below to find out more about each area and to register to get involved.


Attend an Event

Attend a Reunion

We hold a number of events throughout the year which really benefit from alumni involvement. Hearing from someone who was once in their position is incredibly valuable for students and helps them to define the first steps of their career.

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Social media has made it so easy to see what your old classmates are up to and keep in touch without even leaving your house. Why not say no to social media, close your computer and see your old friends face to face? Attend a reunion with your former classmates.

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Speak to Students

Provide a Testimonial

Hearing about the success of someone who was once in their exact position can really help inspire students and shows them the opportunities available to them after their time at College. We want you to help inspire current students by sharing your story with them.

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We’re always on the look out for former students’ stories about the experiences they’ve had after their time with us. Click the link below to complete our short interview. Get your story published on the website to be shared with all of your fellow alumni from the College.

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Find Out About Hiring an Apprentice

Provide a Work Experience Opportunity

Apprentices are a fantastic resource to be able to add to your company. With 96% of employers that take on an apprentice reporting a benefit to their business, and with the average apprenticeship increasing business productivity by £214 a week what are you waiting for?

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What better way to understand working life than getting real, hands on experience? It’s not only invaluable experience for the students, but current employees can gain management experience by supervising the placement. And you’ll get a helping hand around the workplace for free.

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