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Tayo Oke: “My time at Lewisham Southwark College helped me get into one of the best universities in the UK” 

Tayo studied the Art and Design Foundation course at Lewisham Southwark College before going on to study Graphic Design at university. 


“During my time at college I knew I wanted to have a career in design, but was unaware of which area I wanted to go into,” said Tayo. “Doing an Art and Design Foundation course opened my eyes to where my strengths were within the art field. This was Graphic design, which is the subject I pursued at university after finishing college. 


“My time at Lewisham Southwark College helped me get into one of the best universities in the UK – Loughborough University,” said Tayo. “It helped me prepare for the type of coursework I was given and also helped me become more critical of my work.” 


After studying Graphic Design, Tayo progressed to a Masters course.  


“Whilst doing my masters I did a marketing internship with the company, We make Footballers. I was offered a job with the dame company, and I still work for them today. 


“I progressed from the role of Junior Marketing Assistant, to Assistant Marketing Manager, to Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are overseeing all of the marketing within the company, maintaining the brand offline and online, and analysing our SEO, PPC, Adwords and Google analytics. As well as this I am responsible for user interface and user experience designing and maintaining our website, plus all other general marketing activities such as email, letters, and social media. 


“Becoming Marketing Manager has been the highlight of my career to date,” said Tayo. “I worked hard for it. I was committed, determined, did my best each time, spoke my mind and owned up to my mistakes. At the same time, handling the pressure of being a Marketing Manager has also been my greatest challenge. There’s so much work, pressure and stress on me, which can be hard to handle. Timetabling my activities is so key!” 


Tayo says that her ultimate career goal is to be a Creative Director within the film, print and advertising industry, and it looks like she’s well on her way to achieving his ambitions. 


Finally, she had some words of wisdom to share with others hoping to work in his industry: 


“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes,” he said. “Fail fast and fail early so you can learn more quickly. Speak your mind – if you’re for or against something, let it be known. If you have better ideas to share, let it be known. 
“Your first job outside of education may not be in the field you want to go into, or the sector you desire, but experience is so key. What you learn during education will not always be the same as the knowledge and skills you gain working.” 

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