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Shannon Sims: Health and Social care student sets her sights high

Before Shannon studied Health and Social Care at Lewisham College, she was unsure about what she wanted to do – the most important thing was that she got to help people. Now working as part of the customer service team at Grove Medical Centre, our former student has the opportunity to make a difference every day. She is looking forward to future opportunities that college has given her.

“I see myself making a difference in other people’s lives and taking the chance to give myself and others the life that they deserve to have.”

Shannon’s story so far

“I didn’t always know what I had wanted to do,” Shannon told our Alumni Team. “But after studying Health and Social Care at Lewisham College I have been given the opportunity to get a better idea of what career I could possibly do in the future.”

Currently working as a receptionist at Grove Medical Centre, Sharon has got her foot in the door of her chosen industry. She told us, ‘working has allowed me to experience new things and gain new skills within the world of work that can help me in the future.”

Shannon is an extremely positive member of our alumni community, with a strong work ethic that helped her gain her Health and Social Care qualification. Her advice to other people hoping to follow a similar career is to “take every opportunity as it comes and don’t let a little bit of extra hard work knock you back. It helps to look forward and see that there is plenty of potential out there for you.”

Our hardworking alumnus is already thinking about the next steps she is going to take in her career.

“My ultimate career goal is to work alongside children and be able to give help others with their problems, something which I have already had the chance to experience in my new job at the Grove Medical Centre. I would be looking after those around me, especially children, supporting and helping children with their health problems and helping their families as well.”

Whilst at Lewisham College, Shannon gained valuable work experience which inspired her to pursue a career working with and helping children. “ I had the opportunity to do work experience in a primary school, which helped me to gain some knowledge of what it is like to work around children – it comes with its challenges and so does working with any people, but it helped to see what types of situations I can be involved in with my future aspirations.”

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