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Health and Social Care graduate finds rewarding career in mental health care

Jade-Chanel EdwardsHealth and Social Care graduate, Jade-Chanel Edwards, was able to fulfill her ambitions of working with people with mental health issues thanks to her time studying at Lewisham Southwark College.


“I always knew what I wanted to do career-wise,” Jade-Chanel told our Alumni team. “I have a brother who suffers from mental health issues and I was always interested in helping people with similar issues.”


Jade-Chanel completed her Health and Social Care qualification at Lewisham Southwark College, which prepares students for a rewarding yet demanding career in the industry and covers a broad range of topics including child development, paediatric first aid, heath and safety, communication, safeguarding children and young people, diversity and rights, sociology and psychology depending on their chosen track.


“I believe my time at Lewisham Southwark College helped me to progress to where I am today,” said Jade-Chanel. “It helped build my confidence and I gained a wider understanding of working within the Health and Social Care sector. Skills such as communication in my role of work are extremely important so this was a very useful part of the course.”


Jade-Chanel is now a Support Worker for Aging Well.


“My main responsibilities in my role of work are to provide care and support for elderly and mentally ill clients and also help them progress on to a healthier and happier future,” she said.


“My greatest challenge so far has been trying to calm a client who suffers from schizophrenia. They became extremely distressed and minimising the chance of them causing harm to themself and others is something we had to rapidly deal with.


“This is not an easy job and at times you feel as if you are not emotionally or physically strong enough, but looking at the people you have helped so far you realise this is where you are supposed to be. No matter how hard things get, seeing a client become much better off is much more rewarding than any amount of money could ever be.”


Jade-Chanel is hoping to eventually become a Psychiatrist. She is completing medical school alongside her role as a Support Worker before starting her foundation year within the hospital.

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