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Former dance students star in thought-provoking new show

Elliot Minogue-Stone, Diogo Fernandes de Jesus and Tyrrell ForeshawThree former students from Lewisham Southwark College performed in a cutting-edge dance production at Camden People’s Theatre on 30 September.

Students Elliot Minogue-Stone, Diogo Fernandes de Jesus and Tyrrell Foreshaw – under their stage persona of ‘the Hairy Heroines’ – appeared in ‘As We Like It’, a playful, provocative piece which explores the concept of gender. The production has been created in a collaborative process between the three dancers and choreographer Orley Quick.

Elliot, who is now studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Dance at the elite Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp, Belgium, says he was first inspired to take part in the show during his time at Lewisham Southwark College.

He explains: “The development of the show actually started towards the end of my final year, and when we finished, it seemed obvious to continue. Working with Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines is fantastic and I wanted more of that!

“I hope our show is a bit challenging for people watching. The theme of gender is such a current topic. The piece is a joy to perform as it’s slightly different every time, and it would be lovely to get more opportunities to perform it.”

Looking forward to a future in dancing, choreography and producing, Elliot says that his best memories of Lewisham Southwark College are the staff. “The whole dance department is a gem at the College. The teachers have such a brilliant understanding of the industry and prepared me so well.”

‘As We Like It’ is part of a three-week ‘Come As You Are’ festival which explores gender non-conformity and LGBT+ life, with the aim of going beyond the clichés.

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