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Fakhri Jafari: Mature student leaves her career to pursue Law

Fakhri JafariFakhri studied for her level 3 Diploma in Legal Studies at Lewisham Southwark College. The mature student spoke to our Alumni team about her decision to return to education and change her career.

“I started to study Law at Lewisham Southwark College and it became an immediate hit with me,” said Fakhri. “This year I choose to study further in Law and started my Diploma Level 3 in Legal Studies for one year.

“It is an enjoyable course and it teaches you great depth in Law principles that if you hadn’t been studying Law, would not have known. It really empowers you with the knowledge of what goes on in UK and around the world.

“My previous career was in a Retail Manager capacity, which taught me a huge world of experiences. However, the Law course opens up a different level. I think working in an office environment would be another experience in itself.

“I’ve worked in and managed departments in big companies such as Burberry and my last role in retail was to manage 7 brands under one company in one location with the sales team. It involved aiming to achieve targets, merchandising, meeting deadlines, organising regular sales and promotions, hosting store events, managing stock, staff, and providing a high level of customer service.

“Last year I decided to leave my comfort zone, from a job I know well, to entering the world of law. I am hopeful in my new adventure, and hope I will go far in the field.

“It is important not to give up, to stay committed and focussed on the path you’ve taken until the end. Always go an extra mile until you get what you want.”

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