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Aurora Shannon: Graduate has had her name featured in over 70 film credits and has worked on some major motion pictures

Aurora ShannonAurora studied a BTEC National Diploma in Media Moving Image at Lewisham Southwark College. Now a Post-production Colourist at Double Negative Vancouver, Aurora has had her name featured in over 70 film credits and has worked on some major motion pictures.

Proud moments and big name films

Aurora’s job has given her many proud moments, she explained to our Alumni Team.

“One Christmas when my family and myself watched Skyfall, they all cheered when they saw my name on the end roller and then we switched over to Sky Arts to watch the first short film that I ever graded in a lead role,” she said.

“I knew that I wanted to work on feature films before starting my course at Lewisham Southwark College, however I did not know in what particular role or field. Through the projects given and the expertise of the tutors, technical, and guest speakers, I was able to identify my passion for editing and digital image manipulation and focused my further studies on post-production as a result.

“Lewisham College gave me the careers advice and qualifications I needed to further my career,” said Aurora. “The tutors and my fellow students created a learning environment where I felt supported and encourage in pursuing my passion and ambitions. And the self-led individual and group project based structure of the course prepared me for the same structure at university.”

Climbing to the top

“I worked my way up from runner to Junior Digital Intermediate Colourist at Company 3 London,” she said. “I gained over 70 film credits along the way.”

Aurora then joined Double Negative Vancouver as a Colourist, where she is currently working on five major motions pictures.

“As a Colourist I manage the colour pipeline, colour assistants, and am the principle colour grader of all scans entering the facility. At its simplest, colour grading is the balancing of the red, green and blue channels of an image to produce a balanced or neutral image, or a creative look, and at it’s more complex it is the adjustment of curves and the use of keying, tracking and rotoscope.

“Moving up from Assistant to Junior Colourist was extremely challenging as digital colour grading was still a relatively new industry and there was no clear path for myself to follow. You can never be complacent and must always strive to keep up with new trends and technology.

“Do as much work experience as possible throughout your education. A week or two at as many different companies as possible is the best way to figure out exactly what you want to do, build up your CV, get references, and make the contacts you’ll need.”

Finally, we asked Aurora where she sees herself in 5 years’ time.

“Anywhere,” she said. “One of the perks of my craft is that it provides opportunities all over the world in many areas of our industry.”

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