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Anne-Marie Chase: Teacher Training graduate works with disadvantaged job seekers

Anne-Marie ChaseAnne-Marie took a Teacher Training course at Lewisham Southwark College in 2014. She told the Alumni Team recently about her journey at college, and where her new qualification took her next.

Before starting her college course, Anne-Marie had worked for several years as an advisor and trainer for the unemployed. This involved helping them find opportunities, as well as conducting workshops, counselling and interviews.

“I wanted to go into teaching of some sort when I started the course at Lewisham Southwark College,” she said. “But I really wanted to also continue to do the advice and guidance work.”

The skills Anne-Marie learned at college have helped her to progress in her career. “I am now IAG Assessor and Training Advisor for The Learning and Training Company,” she said. This role involves helping her clients to find work as they complete training in IT skills and other relevant skills to make them more employable.

She also carries out outreach work to clients who are part of disadvantaged groups, such as ex-offenders, the homeless, those with mental health issues or single parents.

“I am very proud of where I have reached at the moment,” said Anne-Marie. “As this is an assessing role, it is a really new way of doing the role for me. I would like to continue with the advice and guidance path, doing something in advice and guidance in other parts of London that I have not been before in a few years’ time.”

Finally, we asked Anne-Marie if she had any advice for her fellow alumni:

“Just believe in yourself even though you may have many knock backs,” she said. “You can still get through and you can still make it, put God first in all things and you will get through a whole lot better.”

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  1. Ade Bello says:

    Where will I be without lesoco college? A college I first attended 25 years ago as a a levels student.
    Over the years it has trained so many graduates and professional s including me.
    I will recommend lesoco any day.

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